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Bet Awards: The Fashion

Because I wasn’t about to water down the potency of Jesse Williams’ speech on Black Lives with images of the beautiful people. But of course I was watching.

My faves? Mya, Naturi Haughton and Cookie herself, Taraji P. Henson. She was bad.


Taraji P. Henson


Beyonce & Kendrick


Gabrielle Union




Naturi Haughton


Chloe and Halle Bailey

Purple Lemonade




It’s still taking me some time to process the passing of Prince. Yeah, I know Beyonce just dropped a major film and album, of which I watched and listed. Lemonade was great, and I mean that with all honesty. But in listening to her album, and so many other recent hits, I immediately heard the artists and visionaries of those who came decades before her. The artists who have been copied to death, revered to the heavens. And, as great as Beyonce’s new album is, there will never be another Prince. He lit a fiery path that has yet to be duplicated.

Prince. He was a concrete part of my childhood. My uncle would blast his albums day in and day out, and I marveled at this queer sound, full of pulse, passion,  rock and roll and blackness. Where Michael Jackson filled me with girly giddiness, Prince ushered me into womanhood, allowing me to relish in my sexual being. We partied to Prince, made love to Prince, smoked to Prince. He was the soundtrack of my youthful coming out. Song after song reminds me of past boyfriends, Alphabet City, stolen issues of Penthouse, and trips to Paramus Park mall.

Prince. Rest in Power and Soul.


Below, the images and albums that personally touched me:












Beyonce’s Best Video Yet: Formation


Beyonce is out for blood in the video and song for Formation

Well, it’s about time.
You know, I’ve been listening to Beyonce since high school. As a fellow class of ’81 woman, I’ve fallen in and out of love with the music, and her, as she grew into her stardom. While I’ve watched our fellow classmen & women evolve musically (Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, etc) I have admittedly been hyper- critical at what I’ve seen as Beyonce’s refusal to grow. I mean, we all grew up. Had kids. Some of us got married. We moved on to grown people shit, and here she was doing diddy bop songs. I just expected more from this Black woman.

I’ve always had a feeling of falseness in her personal proclamations of divadom, feminism and women power, enough that I could never get on board with the Beehive, despite the clamoring of everybody and ‘em. The songs just seemed like one heap of contrived, commercial garble, and nothing resonated with me. Even a few autumns ago when everyone was jumping out of their seat over 7/11, all I could thing was, really Bey?

But this video. I’m so proud of this song and video. It pays homage to everything Black. 

To the richness of America’s Black South. 


To the beauty, the complexity of Black culture. 


To the indignation of an oppressed people.


To the broken levees, voodoo, Zydeco, civil rights marches, and crawfish.


And this.


Beyonce lets you all know lyrically and visually that she is fearlessly, ferociously, and unapologetically, Black. Forget the heavy bass and the booty shaking. It’s more than a song filled with braggadocio. She actually says something with a power that I’ve never truly felt in Diva, Run the World, or any of her other countless girl power anthem, and this time, I believe her.

Not that she cares.

Now watch the video:

CelebStyle: A Splash of Lime For Bey

I love the simplicity of this outfit. The super-flattering diagonal color of this skirt adds just enough punch to keep the look slick. And that lime. I love lime. Perfect!


Beyonce. Vogue.


Mario Testino photographed the songstress to flawless effect in the September issue. Indulge.


beyonce-september-cover-2015-02 beyonce-september-cover-2015-03 beyonce-september-cover-2015-04

CelebStyle: Going Nude


Going head to toe in flesh tone can get a little tricky. You don’t want to look washed out, and you don’t want to look like a performance artist in Times Square. I think the trick is to use varying shades neutral tones, with the main outfit being a tone darker than your actual flesh. It’s also better to find a neutral tone that compliments your skin tone. Because Black women know that the term nude really doesn’t compliment us, so lets be a little more distinct.

The accessories around it should stay within the tonal range, but can be lighter, avoiding the matchy-matchy look. It can work!

Lavish Beauty: A Pony Is All You Need


Sometimes, it’s just like that. As temperatures soar, hair sticking to your neck is just not an option, and complicated updos are just that—complicated. Some water, aloe vera gel and coconut oil are just what your edges need for this simple style that will take you from the pool to brunch and back again.

#MetGala2015… Who Read The Invitation?

Every year I get a good chuckle out of everyone who comes out to the Costume Gala to slay for the camera, and not bother to participate in the costume party. And slay they did, this year with both Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian showing off their bodies to stunning, bedazzled effect. But the clear red-carpet winner here is Rihanna, whose richly embroidered fur gown, with extravagant train and elaborate golden headdress, makes her look like a queen straight off of a Ming Dynasty scroll. Indulge.

The 2015 theme was the Chinese influence on fashion.

2 Rihanna on theme

3Zendaya on theme

I’ll give Solange credit for the fan-like effect.

5 Pretty dress, stunning body, but Beyonce gets an F for not following directions

SJP completely on theme.


 janelle-monae-met-gala-2015 stewart-lane-luo-yan-met-gala-2015


Alicia looks sweet, but not on theme. At all.

8Sorry Kerry, beautiful gown, wrong party.



So… who read the invitation to the Chinese-themed #MetGala this year?

Posted by Lavish Magazine on Monday, May 4, 2015

#NYFW : The Candids

Because the best action is in the front row. Indulge.

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#2015Grammys: Fashion + F*ckery

I’ll get right to it. Since Ledisi is not dead, hospitalized, or otherwise incapacitated, I *still* do not get why Beyoncé got up there to sing the Mahalia Jackson classic, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, that Ledisi portrayed in the movie Selma. If you saw the movie, you remember how heart-wretching and powerful her voice sounded, even as she sang with a cracked voice over a telephone line to Dr. King. So to have Beyoncé swoop in, and do a pop-ified rendition, when she played no part in the movie whatsoever, was truly disheartening. Especially since she instead decided to do a song for the mainstream and highly publicized slop of a movie, 50 Shades of Gray. But this is the music industry, and what is fair is not always what is done. Thankfully, Ledisi offered a graceful response to this BS:
Here is Ledisi’s beautiful rendition:

To steal someone else’s shine for personal aggrandizement is just disgusting and immature. Common and John Legend deserve an equal roasting for kowtowing to this diva when the rightful, more qualified singer should have performed that song. Thankfully, most people with a brain could see through the f*ckery. 

 As for Kanye, that stunt queen did what he does best, but luckily, Beck is a grown man, not a teenaged girl, so Kanye sat his behind back down.

 There were but a few looks that I actually liked from this show.

You can find the rest on Facebook.

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