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Join WEEN for Haiti

Lavish magazine, a strong supporter of the relief efforts for Haiti, would love it if you could join forces with WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment) in support of our Haitian brothers and sisters Tuesday, January 19th at the Katra Lounge, 217 Bowery St. New York, NY from 5-11pm. The only fee is 2 gallons, liters or a pack of bottled water and any amount of money you can donate.

2-for-1 drink specials will be offered from 5-7 and 10-11, and Katra will donate 10% of the bar proceeds to WEEN for Haiti, who will then donate all funds and water to Wyclef Jean’s YELE and Doctors without Borders.

Some of WEEN’s partners in this effort include Honeymag.com, The Source, She-blogs, BeanpYe, Hip Hop 4 Life and many others, so come out. There’s no better way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on this day than to come together in support of our people.

Arlice Nichole, Fashion and Culture Correspondent for Lavish magazine.

Vintage Lavish Movies: Black Orpheus

Lately, I’ve been getting more into the classic cinema of yesteryear via the Turner Classic Movies channel. So, it was an absolute treat to see that they were airing a movie that I’d wanted to see for years:

After being mesmerized by the beauty of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s bossa nova and the magic of Rio de Janeiro, I was swept away by the modern retelling of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. A tale of love discovered and lost, the Marcel Camus-directed movie captured one of
film’s greatest pairings, Breno Mello and Marpessa Dawn:

What struck me most about this movie were the simple ways that love was expressed. Whether it was a tune that was played on a guitar or playful banter amongst lovers, beauty was revealed – thus creating a timelessly stunning flick. I highly recommend that you add this to your movie collection or Netflx queue. Until then, do enjoy the trailer:

Sammy Sosa – Bright Like Us?

Upon seeing Sammy Sosa’s Latin Grammy Awards photos splashed over the internet, I came across quite a few comments that likened his new look to ‘Dominican self-hatred’. While it’s easy to cite examples that support that point of view, I find it ironic that skin lightening being referred as a regional issue – considering that skin lightening cream is still being sold in this country.
Moreover, while Sammy Sosa serves as a painful reminder of the effects of internalized racism, it’s hardly shocking considering the images that we’ve been bombarded with for generations. I, myself, remember seeing tubes of:

being replenished in our family bathroom cabinet while growing up in New York. So, as tempting as it is to dismiss Sammy Sosa as a ‘self-hating Dominican’, it’s ultimately more effective to dissect and discuss that he’s a mirror image for people of color around the world.

Black Hair Is Having The Best Month Ever!

(Image Courtesy of Afro Glitz Magazine)
Over the past few weeks, the topic of Black hair has been inescapable. From the feverish debates over the sincerity of Chris Rock’s Good Hair to the detangling of Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s ‘uncombed’ hair, it seems that Black hair is having the Best Month Ever. Which, I suppose, should be seen as some type of breakthrough. After all, we as Black women have had the whole Good and Bad Hair Shuffle play out in real life more times than we care to count. So, it was only natural that there’d be anticipation towards how ‘our’ issues would be confronted on a national stage.
Except that, interestingly enough, amidst the documentaries, bloggings, and message board musings, there was a lack of honesty on about the image of Black Hair. Sure, the same arguments between ‘Weave-O-Holics’ and ‘Natural Nazis’ were aired out, but the lack of examination on how Black Hair has remained an indelible part of our psyche for over 400 years struck a chord within me. Would we be able to truthfully discuss the joy and pain that Black Hair represents as a part of Western culture? Or will we spend the rest of time finger-pointing and not actually offering solutions on how to change the perception of beauty?
I’d like to think that the former will be possible – an attitude that I will carry with me when I finally plunk down my $12.50 to check out Good Hair.

Bam Slam Fashion: Obama in Print

Obama-dressed women celebrate the arrival of the Obamas to Ghana in July

When Barack Obama was elected the first President of color of the United States, the world wide excitement not only motivated people but inspired a new movement. I coudn’t go anywhere in New York (or Africa for that matter) without seeing an Obama tshirt, handbag, sweater, or pin. I even saw Obama sneakers. So what to do when this look makes it to the red carpet? Is it hip? Is it tacky? Or is the dress just poorly made? Judge for yourself when you take a look at actress Victoria Rowell’s fashionable homage to Barack’s push for healthcare reform.

Rowell at the Emmy’s on Sunday

“Yesterday, the opportunity presented itself “Lights, camera, and no healthcare action?’ Setting the ruffles and caviar dreams aside is but a meager gesture to echo the herculean efforts of a healthcare reform package long overdue and one which President Obama is introducing for all Americans,” Rowell told ESSENCE.com

Who is Keisha Buchanan?

Keisha Buchanan at Mahiki night club in London on Saturday

Keisha Buchanan is a singer and songwriter born in London. She is the last remaining original member of the Sugarbabes, a British pop sensation that came onto the scene in 2000. The Jamaican beauty still makes hits with the three-girl band, and has had some success as a collaborator with other artists.

Here, Keisha performs with James Morrison for the BBC Children in Need benefit concert.

And here is the NEW video for the Sugarbabe’s comeback hit “Get Sexy”

A Global Affair: The Wonder Girls

It’s K-Pop, not J-Pop: The Wondergirls

I first got a glimpse of these South Korean dolls on The Wendy Williams Show a few episides back. Although this single came out last fall, The Wonder Girls have made their imprint as one of the most successful modern girl groups giving a fresh jolt of energy to the world of K-Pop. They even have their own dance! They are now touring the US with the Jonas Brothers.

Their video for “Nobody” is a hilarious play on the Dreamgirls movie, where the girls take wishful thinking to a whole new level.

A Global Affair: Les Sapeurs

If you were to see a man walking down the street in a pink suit, red fedora, and impeccable shoes, you would likely think he was either a pimp, or a member of Andre 3000’s entourage. But far away from these American caricatures is a society of dapper-ly dressed men who call themselves sapeurs. Theses dapper dandies bring a Parisian flair to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they flaunt the sophisticated, tailored–and often outrageous–styles throughout the streets of Brazaville, the country’s capitol.

Photographer Daniele Tamagni captures their style in his book, The Gentleman of Bakongo- The Importance of Being Elegant, released earlier this summer. These stylish sapeurs are renegades of society, defiantly dressing against the norm, declining political affiliation, and above all, maintaining a moral code of honor. A subject of Tamagni’s book said this:

I dress like a sapeur because the sapeur is a good reflection of God. We respect other people, we don’t like war, we like peace, and we have a moral code that is very Christian.

If stylish-ness is next to Godliness, these couture kings are near saints.

Photos courtesy: www.photodantam.com

Anything Goes: Rock en Seine 2007

Rock en Seine is Paris’ yearly music extravaganza featuring the biggest and hottest underground musicians, as well lesser known artists. This year, the weekend-long event took place in St. Cloud , a small vilage on the outskirts of Paris. The festival which ended yesterday, was a wonderful way to end the last weekend in August, and as the sun set on a beautiful day in Paris, Bjork took the stage in all her splendor engaging the audience in hits such as the dark, romantic Emergency and ethereal Pagan Poetry.

Though sound was the obvious center of this affair, fashion always rides the coattails of the music. Here, a few star flicks…

M.I.A’s stylist is MIA


Emily Simon keeps it simple

Summertime Happiness: Black Mamba

I love this clip because it’s so upbeat and pop, and just a colorful, fresh video. Enjoy the last days of summer with this little ditty by Black Mamba called Ghetto Millionaire. You may not understand French, but everyone understands Happy!

Black Mamba – Ghetto Millionaire
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