I’m not too big on fragrances. When I was little I remember having awful memories of my mom bringing me to the Macy’s Herald Square fragrance department. We would stay there for what seemed like hours, and each time, the experience nauseated me. I tried to pretend that I was having fun, but really, I just wanted to escape!
Now in adulthood, I’ve struggled to come by a fragrance that is light enough, and not too perfum-y. I’d settled on natural oils until I came across Fresh Index. My favorite: Fig Apricot. It is so light and refreshingly sweet, and the scent lingers for hours, without any harsh after-effects. My boyfriend always sleeps with his head face-down in the pillow, so he can smell me when I’m gone! And it doesn’t cling to his clothes, but every now and then a draft will keep the aroma drifting in the (often stuffy)air.

Another favorite? Well, it’s not actually meant for your body–it’s actually a hair shine oil from Marc Jacobs. I’ve been spritzing it’s tropical coconut scent all over for a while now, and I haven’t experienced any unusual side effects on my skin… It’s $35 dollars at any Marc Jacobs store.