I hate trying on clothes. Whenever I go into a shop, I am enthralled by the dizzying array of styles and endless possibilities of looks. But I dread the fiting room. maybe its the thought of trying on something that looks awesome on the rack, only to see that it looks terrible on my own body, or that it just doesnt fit at all. Most of the time, I just avoid the disappointment, and purchase brands in sizes that I know are a sure fit. The piece of clothing has to be pretty damn special for me to actually go and try it on.

But what if there was technology that allowed you to try on an outfit,
in the store, without removing a single article of clothing? Cue AR Door’s new project, that scans your body and then allows you to place an article of clothing on the lifesize screen exactly in the space your body inhabits on the screen. You can view yourself from the front and from the back in the outfit. I think that is pretty cool. Whether or not shoppers will take to this new technology without actually walking into a fitting room remains to be seen. But it sure can knock down a handful of your choices, and save you some time.

The virtual fitting room is built on the most sophisticated technologies: augmented reality and Microsoft Kinect. Augmented reality allows the customers to select a garment off the rack without having to try it on physically.  As a customer, you see yourself onscreen with a 3D copy of a dress. Kinect allows the user to control the program by simple gestures pushing virtual buttons right in the air.

Watch the technology in action, in a TOPSHOP store, here: