When it comes to Amber Rose, comments concerning her haven’t always been positive ones.

What’s certain is that I’ve never seen anyone rock this haircut quite like her.

Many have referred to her as arm candy, an accessory and even Kanye’s pet! I will say that she makes Kanye look very good.

It’s been said that she used to be a stripper…ok. If you had a body like hers you might want the world to see what you’re working with too. Yeah, you would. I would.

Some have wondered why she had to even appear in this Louis Vuitton ad. I thought what she brought to the picture was brilliant! This is art!

The Amber Roses of the world are refreshing!

No matter if she’s wearing blue hair or sea green tights with multi-colored high-tops or a wearing something elegant, she’s got style down! Forget what you heard.

Arlice Nichole