First and foremost, I hope that everyone rang in the New Year with fabulous style. I hope that 2007 is as good, if not- better, than 2006 was to you all. That being said, I am interested in any interactive discussion that you’d like to contribute to our blog. Quenching your rich minds is what we’re striving to continue to do at Lavishand we’d love for you to continue with us on this journey together.

That being said, I did accomplish another first over the holidays: going to the movies on Christmas Day. Now this may seem inconsequential to many, but for someone who goes out of her way to avoid crowded theatres, this was truly a feat.

I went to see the ever-popular Dreamgirls and while the performances and story were wonderful, the true star of that movie was the wardrobe- courtesy of costume designer, Sharen Davis. Though she’s been previously recognized with an Oscar-nomination (for her work in Ray)and has been steadily working for almost fifteen years (on movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness, Out of Time, and Rush Hour), she still had the daunting task of illustrating two decades worth of fabulousness with 120outfits.

From the alluring glamour of the 60s Dreams:

to the divine fabulousness of the 70s Deena Jones and the Dreams:

Ms. Davis seamlessly captured the transition from aspiring black girl group to international sensation, while being true to the progression of each Dreamgirl.

From the unapologetic diva, Effie:

to the unexpected ingenue, Deena:

to the idealistic chanteuse, Lorell:

the showmanship was reminiscent of Old-Hollywood glamour- something that, in my opinion, has been missing for a while. Will the revived success of a legendary Broadway tale set to celluloid mark a lavish turn in Hollywood movie style? While it remains to be seen, I know for a fact that these ensembles are- hands down- the best onscreen wardrobe of the year. Still doubtful, folks?