StarStruck: Reggie & Kim, Round 2, Bumming with Tracee Ellis Ross +More!

Kim K and on-again boyfriend Reggie Bush took a stroll through New Orleans, where Kim was doing a campaign for the Dress For Success non profit. This is a better way to do the romper. Beyoncé’s look was just too much.

Looks like Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together. They make a cute couple.

Speaking of Bey, I wanted to post these pictures of her vacationing in Croatia because of her body chain. I’ve personally been a fan of the body chain, and have gotten endless compliments on its sex appeal. I’ve been going to a particular store on Ebay for years to get mine. The name of the store is Beautiful Stuff, and she works out of New Jersey. She’s done a wonderful job on all of my chains, and her price point is very affordable. Visit the Ebay store here.

Bey takes a dip off the coast of Croatia sans hubby…

And then joins the hubby for a night out

Tracee Ellis Ross was seen bumming out in LA a few days ago. I’m not loving the boho look because the wrinkled pants and thrown together colors come off a bit sloppy, but hey– we can’t always be fabulous every single moment of every day. Regardless, Tracee is still a fab chic in my mind.


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  1. Hope there is not a Round 3, I hope those 2 workout!!!!

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