Ok, so I’m not in Brazil right now. But I did indulge in one hell of a trip there for my birthday two years ago. Ah, the memories. I’ve been taking my own vacation of sorts, doing other things besides blogging, while still staying in the loop of what the crazies–that would be the celebs– are doing. It’s been fun, it’s been quite sad, but overall just a plain relief to read what everyone else is gabbing about. Now fresh off a birthday trip to Miami, I’m ready to get down and dirty again.

Last week, I thought about posting Rihanna’s awful photo for her new slave-song “Russian Roulette”, but then again, the picture gives enough description. Un-flattering, un-chic, and un-edgy. Above all–sad. So I will move on to another one of my favorite fluffs–Mariah Carey– out in Rio, Brazil.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Brazil, you’d know that the pressure to wear tons of clothes is next to nil. Which is why Mrs. Cannon fits so perfectly on the scene in a tight, short snake skin-printed tube dress mini, and netted heels.  You can easily find one of these dresses at any back-street boutique without paying the hundreds (or maybe thousands) that Mariah probably paid. And don’t be surprised if she comes back with some fresh Rio fashion finds.

Leona Lewis don’t look too camera shy. Especially after being a stalking victim. Ah, the price of fame. This striped and cropped sweater is a smart take on the 80’s version that so many stars seem to be failing at. This look is a hit or miss. It’s all in the styling.

Is Alicia Keys posing for a magazine cover, or shielding herself from the winds at LAX airport. Either way, she is doing the leather jacket justice. Which reminds me-I need to pick up an updated version before I get caught off guard with a shot of cold weather. I already had to whip out a few mini jackets on unexpectedly chilly days.

This is the best picture yet. Nicole Richie went out to pick pumpkins at Mr. Bones Pumpkin patch in West Hollywood with her own little pumpkin, Harlow. While Nicole keeps it Boho in an ethnic printed shawl, ripped jeans, and Uggs, Harlow is just pure childhood sweetness in her little crop top. ♥