Designed by Marc Bouwer, kind of matchy matchy for me but it’s probably the best move since this is such a big day for America. I do love the sketches of the dresses for Malia and Sasha. I like that they are similar in design, but Malia’s seemed to be designed with maturity in mind since she is the big sister. Sketched without the sparkle and ruffle bottom like the one designed for Sasha is still perfect for a tween.

My favorite of the sketches, I love the easy elegance of Michelle’s dress and the fresh lilac color. The jellybean colors of the dresses for Malia and Sasha are exciting and these colors I think will capture well the energy of this great night.

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Designed by Leann Marshall, winner of Project Runway season 5, everything about this dress spells out elegance, but I hate the color for inaugaration night.

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Who do you think should dress The First Lady for inaugaration night and why?

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