One of my biggest goals in life is producing a novel. Many people say they want to do it, but few even start, and many more give up after only a few thousand words. I started writing Confessions of a Black Travel Diva way back in 2009. I wanted to take my life of travel and spin it into an exotic love tale with memorable stories centered around each place I have visited. Fast forward to January 2012, and my novel stood at over 85,000 words, finally bound by the copy center at Staples. 

I cried. I had never written such an extensive piece and it took everything within me to trudge along until it was done. I found an editor and he edited the first round. After my revisions, I need him to edit it again, and I need his professional eye as well. A masterpiece needs constant refining, and I wont settle for less. 
I started a fundraising drive on Kickstarter to help pay my editor for his services. If you’re interested, take a look and offer your support.
Thank You!