The Jade Egg. Tying a string through the drilled egg gives you control in the insertion of the egg.

As part of my personal spring cleaning, I have been devoting a lot of time to clearing my system and creating a stronger healthier body by make wiser decisions about food, exercise, mental, and sexual health. One of my new practices has been integrating the use of the Jade egg into my exercise practices in what is often called “Vaginal Kung-Fu”. The Jade eggs stem from ancient Chinese practice by the women of the palace. I credit my trainer, Makeda, with introducing me to the vaginal strengthening technique. Sisters, this is not your ordinary Kegel exercise routine! The use of the jade egg will not only turn you into a sensual warrior, it also aids in birthing, cures painful menstruation, and helps to cure incontinence. Makeda offers a class where you strengthen and tone your body and practice several techniques where you learn to “move” the egg into different positions inside you. (Don’t worry, you are fully clothed during these exercises!) In advanced practice, you can add weights, and practice your technique with larger or smaller eggs. The smaller the egg, the more difficult the practice.

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