Senegalese Fashion: Old vs. New

Vivian N’dour, Senegal’s Beyonce

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw when I landed on the streets of Dakar. I didn’t go around snapping pictures of people (although, now I’m not afraid to), but I fully expected the women to be shrouded in traditional clothing from head to toe. I even began my trip witnessing tailors prepare a series of traditional dresses for the Muslim holiday of Tabaski.

But I was surprised-shocked- to see mid-drifts, lots of leg, and a hip-hop chic.

The best way I can describe this look? Mary J Blige circa mid 90s. Senegalese fashionistas adorned themselves with their nails, makeup, tight, studded jeans, and knockoff Gucci in full ghetto-fabulous style. Never did I expect a group of Africans to be so label conscious!

More on this trend to come…
(does anyone have a recent issue of LISSA?)



Nanga def???


There’s No Place Like Home


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