Necklace by Master welder/jeweler Alexander Calder

I saw this before I went to Africa and was STUNNED. Each and every piece was amazingly detailed. Could you imagine being the wife–or friend– of a jewelry master?

THE MET: ‘CALDER JEWELRY,’ through March 1. Concurrent with the Whitney Museum’s “Alexander Calder: The Paris Years,” this exhibition is the first museum show to focus on that American sculptor’s fanciful jewelry. The works in “Calder Jewelry” are made of the same materials as his wire sculptures — mostly brass and steel, with bits of ceramic, wood and glass — and are just as self-consciously clever. Among the highlights are oversize necklaces with flared and barbed shoulders, pendulous earrings worn by Peggy Guggenheim and the simple spiral of gold wire Calder gave his wife as an engagement ring.
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This necklace reminds me of an mbira


And don’t complain about the Met’s price. The $20 donation is suggested. You can literally give 5 cents and they will let you in…