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With all the drama surrounding Lauryn Hill as of late, it’s hard to believe that she was once considered The Voice of Black Female America almost a decade ago. I know it definitely is for me, which is why I’ve taken her demise especially hard. And yes, what I’m seeing and hearing and reading is evident that she’s definitely in the midst of a downward spiral- no matter how much those in denial want to disagree.

Sure she’s not the bright-eyed 19-year-old who spit heat on the mic on Nappy Heads (Mona Lisa):

but something’s got to give when one becomes so embittered by their issues that they’ve alienated the very people that were willing to stick by them through it all- the fans. While some folks point to the previous video clip (below, in the last entry) as their watershed moment, it was the culmination of numerous “call me Ms. Hill” interviews that took its toll on me. While many a beloved artist have dealt with personal and professional heartache in the public eye, it was “Ms. Hill” who decided to disengage herself from the bond between herself and her fans through a new tart and disaffected persona.

Granted, a constant criticism about “Ms. Hill” was that she was too self-righteous for her own good. However, through that perceived conceit was a woman who was unafraid with communicating and making contact to her legions of fans. Somewhere- and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when– the open book became a locked door, leaving the public confused and angry. Confused about the way the most together black female superstar fell apart and angry about the potential that is being lost in a vitriolic storm.

In turn, while I will always credit Lauryn Hill with providing us with the image of a beautiful, intelligent, talented, and conscious sista while blessing the world with one of the most groundbreaking albums of all time- The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, for those who don’t know, I can honestly say that Ms. Hill has lost me as a fan. Much too big a distance between the Lauryn that we knew, felt, and loved and the “Ms. Hill” that has become a stranger on Earth.



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  1. Well honesty this means that u were never a true fan of Lauryn, Have u ever been in a relationship where u perfer to just end it because u don’t want to continue to hurt them or abuse them in anyway ? U would perfer to maybe be back in a relationship when u are prepared and u can love that person like they love u? Makes sense doesn’t it, and yes I am only 18 years old

  2. LoveLighter

    Agreement with Wynn.
    I won’t front, Lauryn is having issues, but I’m not her judge and I know it can be difficult to weather a breakdown.
    I hope to see her rise again, because her potential is incredible and she is honest enough to admit that she’s wounded. Bad timing for her to re-emerge perhaps but then…Maybe in her own way she’s taking the edge off of being human in the entertainment industry. So many of these entertainers live very hellish lives trying to remain in a favored box.

  3. wynn, i think in some way you are agreeing with this post, but you are looking at it from the other perspective. i think the author of this post is in fact saying she’d rather “be back in a relationship” when lauryn can love the public the way public loves/loved her.

    and i agree with lovelighter, i would love to see her rise again. but it is quite hard to remain a fan of someone who blames you in part for her troubles. fame is obviously a difficult beast to deal with, but an artist cannot expect to speak out against supporters and continue to expect their support. still, i will always be a fan of the lauryn who once was, and will hopefully be again.

  4. wynn_jasmine,

    Believe me, I understand being overwhelmed and disillusioned with fame and the music industry and can relate to being disappointed by those considered to be loved ones. As I’ve stated, Lauryn Hill isn’t the first, nor will she be the last artist/ celebrity to be stricken by life, love, and career. As a fan, I actually felt CLOSER to her when she was pouring her heart out on that Unplugged stage half a decade ago.

    However, my empathy runs dry when you insist on being called “Ms. Hill” because ‘folks don’t know you like that’- even though your very essence, as well as your success, was built in expressing your heart to all- and present less-than-stellar performances from the fans who expect better.

    To quote a friend of mine, if she is serious about coming back to change the game and take the public along with her, she either needs to sh*t or get off the pot- permanently. And part of doing that, in my humble opinion, is taking responsibility for your own issues instead of placing blame on everyone- including those who were/all too willing to ride with you.

    Frankly, her fans deserve better.


  5. lovelighter,

    First of all, I wanted to thank you (and wynn_jasmine & aja) for your comments. I truly appreciate your honest feedback and encourage it.

    That being said, bearing your heart and soul usually wins respect and admiration from those who initially can’t see past a bulletproof image. I do agree that Lauryn has boundless potential, which is why it disheartens me to see her as angry, defensive, and remote towards the world. That wasn’t the L-Boogie that I, or the millions of her fans, fell in love and respect for.

    Ultimately, I hope, for her fans’, as well as her sake, that she battles and conquers her demons so that she can be a stronger, better Lauryn Noel Hill.

  6. Aja,

    You’ve pretty much understood what I was saying. I wish her the best in life, love, and career, but I can’t support someone that isn’t willing to reciprocate the same energy that she had previously.


  7. Anonymous

    How could u just drop her by the waste side like that. People go thru different stages it called life. Lauryn is a power sista that’s nothing that can be taught nor lost. She is struggling through somethings right now. How could u beat while she’s down. I don’t know how many times one of her songs has help to bring me out of some kind of funk our trouble i was in. Just like her music has been there for you. You as a “FAN” Should be understanding and willing to be there for her and help her get through.

  8. Lauryn Hill has contributed a lot to the world musically, but her music is only a medium for spiritual communication

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