Satire or Slander: New Yorker Magazine

I usually love New Yorker magazine for its poignant, thoughtful, and insightful articles. But this cover would make any faithful reader squirm just a little bit. I haven’t read the article, so I can’t fully weigh in, but Michelle with an AK-47 fist-bumping Barack?

From the New York Daily News:

Barack Obama’s campaign lashed out Sunday at the editors of The New Yorker magazine for a cartoon cover that depicts the Democratic candidate and his wife as fist-bumping terrorists.

The magazine’s editor described the cartoon, called “The Politics of Fear,” as satire. The Obama campaign called it “tasteless and offensive.”

The Illinois senator is depicted in traditional Muslim garb in the Barry Blitt illustration set in the Oval Office.

His wife, Michelle, is in fatigues, sporting an Angela Davis-style sky-high Afro, an AK-47 slung over her shoulder.

A portrait of terror kingpin Osama Bin Laden hangs above the fireplace, in which an American flag is set ablaze.

Read the entire article here.



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  1. Slander. Definitely definitely slander.

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