Though its only been about a week since the collapsed school disaster struck Haiti, by now it is considered old news. Every time I turn around something terrible happens to my family’s country. I hope for the day when Haiti will return to the days of glorified travel and restore its respect in the world as the First Black Republic. What has this beautiful nation done to deserve such repeated atrocities?

PETIONVILLE, Haiti (AP) — Angry Haitians stormed the twisted wreckage of a collapsed school on Sunday to demand rescuers speed up a search for victims, while officials worried about the stability of other buildings across this desperately poor country.

The collapse, which crushed at least 88 students and adults in a slum below a relatively wealthy enclave near Port-au-Prince, has brought global attention to a country where chronic poverty and unrest spawn chaotic jigsaws of neighborhoods and building codes are widely ignored.

A friend of mine made a connection with an honest Haitian organization that works on-ground to deliver goods to Haitians devastated by the continual disasters. Though this organization was set up initially for the Hurricane disasters, I have no doubt that these women will get your donations to those in need.

Haitan Women for Haitian Refugees and Lakou NY
IFCO/Haitian Relief
418 W 145th St.
New York, NY 10031