Just when you thought MAC cosmetics couldn’t get any better…

Loud Lash ($11)

Hands down, this is the best mascara I’ve donned in a long time. Perfect for day (one coat) and night (two coats), it tames, lengthens and thickens each of my curly (and quite unruly) lashes. And the best part? This mascara doesn’t budge until the end of the night with makeup remover.

Pro Tip: “For a 60’s-inspired lash apply Loud Lash in zigzag motions with brush at base of lashes. When the brush catches at base of the lash roots pull it out to the tip of lash. Big lashes!” -Terry Barber, MAC PRO Team

Lip Varnish ($14)

If you’re MAC-obsessed, like myself, you know all too well the perfection of their lip glosses — intense, rich, and shiny without a cakey build-up. This liquid lipstick, ups the ante by coupling that high-glass shine with long-lasting wear for truly brilliant results.

Pro Tip: When your lips start to feel parched from long-wearing lip products, apply a LIGHT glaze of petroleum jelly for added moisture and a punch of shine!

Studio Mist Foundation ($29) and Studio Mist Blush ($19)

While my dry skin is a huge fan of creamy foundations and blushers, there is one thing I do not like about them — they sometimes cover TOO much, like the freckles I’ve come to admire on my nose and cheeks. Studio Mist, on the other hand, is a “buildable cosmetic” (mist the back of your hand, and then apply with a brush). This means I can either apply it sheer and transparent or layer it to cover blemishes…or freckles.

Pro Tip: “Create ‘candle lit’? skin by using [a foundation brush] to highlight the middle of the face with Studio Mist Foundation in shades [Medium to Medium Dark] according to what brightens your natural skin tone. Then use [a blending brush] to buff and blend Studio Mist Blush in Mystical Bronze along the outer frame of face to create subtle contour effects.” -Bianca Alexander MAC Director of Makeup Artistry