Rihanna: From the Headlines to the Bottom Line

Another day, another Rihanna post, I know. But I couldn’t help feeling a little agitated over the bruhaha surrounding Rihanna’s appearance on the Good Morning America show. I have to look at it with a little cynicism considering that she has an album coming out.

I know that that many victims of abuse take months or even years to come out, and that is understandable. Many critics questioned why Rihanna didn’t come out immediately and act as a public advocate for domestic violence. I was willing to allow that she, like any other survivor, needed her time to heal, and that her choice to come forward would be her choice alone.

But then the photo promos came. And the new single came, with a timely link to the release of her new video for “Wait Your Turn”, which coincided with the the sensational GMA interview with Diane Sawyer. I even watched some of the clips, and I could tell that she was obviously hurt. But I have to question why this moment–the moment when her new album is about to drop–is the moment that she needs to make a statement. Call me a cold-hearted cynic, but using domestic violence as a publicity stunt puts Rihanna in an awkward light. And the industry’s need to maintain their bottom line has hit an all-time low.


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  1. Maybe it is totally necessary right now. Can u see her promoting the albulm without having thises questions popping up on every media interview. There’s an albulm to promote speak one time about the incident clear up all the rumours and put the incident to a final rest. Not everything I suppose is directed at reaping financial benefits. I sure u would rather not deal with it in the public PERIOD.

  2. I don’t know. She is answering this question everywhere and that is the headline for them all. She can say she wants to focus on the album right now and be an advocate for the cause and start a foundation later.

    Maybe I’m a cynic as well, but she was having fun going to all the fashion weeks, but she wants to be serious now, as a preamble to her album? Don’t believe it.

    I also don’t believe that the story is how everyone likes to make it seem on paper. Though I don’t condone any kind of domestic violence, and violence in general, no one will know what happened between those two except those two.

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