Rihanna and Chris: Today’s Coupledom

Rihanna: Victim or Protagonist?
Photo: TMZ

By now you have listened to the countless stories surrounding this sad relationship story ad-nauseum since Grammy night. While I would never, EVER condemn a man hitting on a woman (or vice versa), I have had to argue with many a friend because I truly believe that there is more to this story. I have taken the very unpopular view that Rihanna may have taken the first several blows before Chris snapped. Before you toss in your opinion against me, read the rest

Young relationships are simply not what they used to be, and many couples lead volatile, disturbing unions. Sadly, a woman becoming physical with her mate is the norm. You only need to ride the NYC subway on a weekday afternoon to witness the dynamics of the young relationship.

Below is a clip of a woman repeatedly beating on her mate in the subway as he tries to get away. Even after several people pull her away, she still charges at the man. Chris Brown could have just walked away. But what if he was continually antagonized? Why should a woman be allowed to get away with violence? No one, whether man or woman should take the abuse.

The video is here.


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  1. i think ur rite cause rihanna had to do something for chris 2 hit her like that i think she was pushing him arounf and he couldnt take it anymore and just took his maddnes out on her sum ppl say its good for her and some people say she stupid i think she is both and jay z has no rite to say what he said ol big ugly ass need to stay out their biz and ehy cant she come out in the open is she scared chris goes out in the public but she dosent so what she got marks slap some make up on a be gone oh well i support chris alot and i hope he keeps his career……is ri ri really pregant

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