Rest In Peace Aaliyah

I pretty much grew up with this gal, and her songs are ingrained in my childhood. She affected me with her style, and the whole Missy-Timbaland connection really changed the soundscape of music: remember when everyone started copying those same triplet beats? And everyone started wearing the baggy Karl Kani’s with the sports bras, bandana, and black lipliner (Tragically, some haven’t moved on from this makeup phase)? Remember when Beyoncé was just coming out and Aaliyah was the firecest chick in the game? And DAME DASH had her? (SMH)

I especially enjoyed Aaliyah’s glamorous transformation in her last album. In the video for ‘Resolution, she had the whole trashed Dior Addict look going on in the snake scenes.

Image From Addict Advertising circa 2001

Clay Cane pretty much sums it up.


Red Hot Riot


Anything Goes: Rock en Seine 2007

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    hi my name is nikki and i love Aaliyah she was and still is my idol well anywayz i like this site

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