Remember Gerren?

Gerren Taylor was supposed to be fashion’s next big “it” model. She exploded onto the scene in 2003,and walked for some of the biggest names in New York. When she came out, I remembered think that at 12-year-old does not belong on the runway wearing these clothes. But the fashion world adored her. 5 years later, she can’t even book one job.
It’s interesting to me because Chanel Iman is now a top name in the modeling industry right now. Although Chanel bowed in 2006 at 17, my guess is that there just isn’t enough room for both in this industry. And you can read into that however you want.

America The Beautiful is a new documentary the chronicles the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of Gerren.

From the L.A Times:
GERREN TAYLOR was still playing with Barbie dolls when she walked the runway for the first time at Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2003. Just 12 at the time, she was the youngest person ever to be represented by the runway division of L.A. Models…

…She went to New York to see if she could make it on the world stage, and walked in the Tommy Hilfiger, Betsey Johnson and Tracy Reese shows. Hilfiger even paid to have her teeth fixed, telling Taylor she was going to be a top model. Making enough money for college seemed a sure bet after she became the first African American in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign. “We’re all expecting her to be a big star,” Jacobs said.

Then she disappeared. A year later, Taylor didn’t book a single runway job. The advertising work dried up too, and so did the magazine editorials. She went to Europe to try her luck at the fashion weeks there, but was told by booking agents in Paris that 38-inch hips on a pole-thin 6-foot frame made her too big to model. (They wanted her to diet down to 35 inches.) In less than two years, her career had come to a halt.

Read the entire story here.


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  1. She is very pretty, but her attitude on that t.v. show makes her so ugly. They have a write-up on Gerren and her rise and fall in the Aug. 18, 2008 issue of People Magazine. She’s so pretty she’ll bounce back and maybe personality isn’t so important in her industry. Who knows…

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