It’s a sad day when a political candidate has to resort to shaming and bad-mouthing his former church leader for the sake of his own political gain. I am disturbed by Obama’s comments regarding Reverend Wright, and I believe that it is a subtle ploy by the shady Clintons to hit Obama just as he enters North Carolina. How fitting that this scandal, in which Rev. Wright addresses th National Press Club, would break in the Bible Belt of America, where Obama had been almost guaranteed a win in North Carolina. I am upset at Obama, AND the Clintons. The Clintons for underhandedly orchestrating this mess, and Obama, for falling for it, hook, line, and sinker. And who knows if all this will turn Wright and his followers against Obama?

When our church leaders disrupt our own agenda, do we drag them into the mud, and disgrace them? Or do we recognize that the forum for spiritual discussion holds no place in the political arena?

Last month on CNN, my pastor was interviewed in response to the Reverend Wright issue. Take a look at what he has to say here.