As exhausted as I am with the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week (and I’m only halfway through), I’ve been heartened by the last few collections that I’ve seen. After checking out a bevy of knits, I was excited to see the glamorous side of fall that was yesterday’s Reem Acra show. Whether it was the sumptuousness of satin or the electricity of sequins, dreamy romance was the theme of this showing:
Drop waist sheaths and flouncy silhouettes were enveloped in emerald, evoking the freshness of evergreen…

…while sapphire sultriness made a splash in velvet trousers and luminous A-line dresses. Basic black ran the gamut from flouncing fringes and drop waists of flapper chic to the feminine sensuality of a floral fling and soulful satin……even allowing the fun of fuschia to add pizazz to a sequined black party dress.
Ravishing ruby was also granted its time in the sun with themes that ranged from sinuous sheer gowns to sassy silver-tasseled dresses……only to make way for the piece-de-resistance, a knit brocade confection that higlights the brilliance of gold eveningwear.Tracy