Since everyone is obsessing over re-creating the most perfect boeuf bourguignon à la Julia Child, I decided to try something a little sweeter, but equally tasty. While watching the movie, I noticed Julie flipping through the Child’s recipe book, and landing on a recipe for Pate Sucre, a classic pastry base. While the steps are still many, the results yield a buttery, flaky crust that is simply delicious, and make your pies taste outstanding! The recipe, in a nutshell:

1. Cube cold butter.
2. Add a little shortening.
3. (Measure correctly)
4. Mix all-purpose flour with cake flour to make pastry flour.
5. Make sure your water is icy cold.
6. Blend only until ingredients come together.
7. Strengthen with egg.
8. Roll out on a cool surface.
9. Chill and rest dough before and after rolling.
Expanded version here.

And video with Julia Child here!