The Pretika exfoliating system

Love HSN. One of my guilty pleasures. Last week the PRETIKA battery powered cleansing brush was featured. I used to work for that well known beauty emporium and sold the pricey–as in two hundred dollars plus– CLARISONIC brush. Always the skeptic, I was allowed a test run at home for a week. I loved the sensation of the battery powered brush that could purportedly whisk away existing imperfections in my skin and prevent new ones as well. A one minute timer that beep beeped allowed a thorough but not over=cleansed irritated face. Truly a luxurious but overpriced item. For under fifty dollars PRETIKA offers a similar product without the dubious claims. Try it but exercise caution. Like all knock offs there is usually a missing element. I found that to be in the abrasiveness of the bristles. While the expensive brush offers different brush heads PRETIKA has only one. Its like the difference between a firm and soft toothbrush on your face. Also, unlike the expensive brush I would not recommend this brush for those with Rosacea or other inflammations. Allow your skin to become acclimated with this product. Go easy maybe using it only twice a week as you would with microdermabrasion crystals. Lastly, while the skin is still damp apply your serums and moisturizers as I found this brush to slightly dry my skin. For the price, you’ll feel quite clean.

Visit the PRETIKA website for more info