Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace, 2003

Jenny Holzer, Truth Before Power, 2004

It is undeniable that artists use style as a way of exposing powerful political beliefs. This also holds true in the correlation of fashion and politics. History has taught us this; abbreviated skirt suits rose to fame during WWII to save fabric, and it is a well-known saying that whenever hemlines rise on the runways, it is a sign of a strong financial market. It is interesting to note the relationship between fashion and politics today. What do the runways say about us as a civilization? And is there some underlying statement in these pieces? Surely, fashion can’t be as superficial, as the media may make it to be. Designers, like other artists, simply use style as a means of grabbing the attention of an ever-complacent public.

Jean Paul Gaultier, SS07

Louis Vuitton, SS07

The Working Class
Marc by Marc Jacobs, SS07

Technology-Driven Society
Balenciaga, SS07

Hussein Chalayan, SS07