My absolute favorite dish is a good old fashioned plate of Pescatore, the fun, Italian seafood-filled pasta dish that hits my spot every time. And it’s a good thing that the delicious mixture of squid, octopus, scallops, and oysters are simmered in a drool-inducing tomato sauce; otherwise, I might just pass on the squid altogether–because the thought of chewing on the suction cup of an octopus just freaks me out. I’d rather enjoy this sea monster in a non-threatening way:

Like this cute necklace by Fairies ‘N Berries that I spotted at Etsy. For half the price of a plate of Pescatore at Pomodorino’s, you can get your squid fix without the horrors of a tentacle in your mouth.
Mr. Octopussy necklace, $14, available at Etsy