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Folks, it’s been more than a while since I’ve spoken to you all. (Almost a month!) Not only am I more than sorry about that, I’ll do my best to be better about letting time (and distance) keep me from the wonderful world of Lavish.

That being said, I’ve noticed that the many different facets of black style have been woefully limited to what we see in the mainstream media. While ostentanious fabulosity and afro-boho fashion are great, we bring our special brand of flavor to rock star style as well. In turn, I am paying homage to the current and eternal Lavish Divas of Rock Star Style. Hope you enjoy, appreciate, and become a bit inspired by these sistas who have always marched to the beat of their own drum:

Though Nona Hendryx initially made her name as a third of the super girl group, Labelle, in the 60s and 70s, she soon broke out of the confines to carve her niche in rock music. From funk-rock in the late 70s to commercial rock throughout the 80s, Nona crossed boundaries with her fearless approach to music and her cutting-edge style. Never one to put herself in a box, she paved the way for today’s black rock divas.

A Brit of English and Zimbabwean descent, Shingai Shoniwa has been making serious moves as the lead singer and bassist for the post-punk band, The Noisettes. With her soaring vocals and her pitch-perfect mix of hard rock and cool funk style, she’s quickly becoming the one to watch in the future.

The eternal Lavish rock goddess, Tina Turner. Much has been celebrated about this diva, but it bears repeating. Not only is Miss Tina a legend, she is an enduring survivor who has paved the way for every showstopping diva that graces a concert stage. With a feline grace, a killer voice, and a blissful sense of style, Tina is the definitive diva.



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    2 beautiful amazing Rock and Roll Icons love em both

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