While everyone was hyperventilating over the bombastic finale shows for the regal send-off of Oprah Winfrey, I reflected on the effect that she has had on me, in my lifetime. I am extremely proud of this extraordinary Black woman who came from such humble and unfortunate beginnings; in many ways we share the same life story.
Consequently, I also have come to think of Oprah as the modern-day mammy–a shoulder on which disparate White women have come to cry. This is not an altogether awful thing as many Black historians would make you believe. In a way she became an Everywoman, an entity in which all women  (and men) of all colors felt  comfortable. This is a phenomenal trait and not one that I have seen anyone else accomplish so flawlessly. With this trait she was able to reach the unreachable, expand perceptions, and bring notable causes, people, and world issues from obscurity to a world stage. While questionable at times–most notably her experimentation with more New Age concepts towards the end of her show–I applaud her success as a Black woman, business leader and entrepreneur. My only regret in witnessing the end of her network TV era was that I did not have my own chance to sit on her golden couch.