It might sound morbid to most, but I have been watching and re-watching clips from Whitney Houston’s funeral. I just feel so touched by the outpouring of love and emotion given to a woman who has touched so many through her gift of song. I personally felt like I lost a member of my family. So many people in that church, and each displayed their grief differently, including Jesse Jackson, whom many believed put on an awful face. I will go against the grain and say that Reverend Jackson was extremely emotional–so much so that were he to shed a single tear, it would open up a watershed, like the one he displayed when President Obama was elected. Everybody grieves differently, and we cannot judge what was going on inside that man’s heart. With so many touching performances, I can honestly say that Reverend Kim Burrell’s Rendition of Sam Cooke’s A Change Gonna Come was my favorite. It moved me in such an unspeakable way and I could listen to her sing that song over and over.

 I was listening to the radio this weekend, enjoying all of Whitney’s hits when a song came on that I’d never recalled hearing before. It was a grown and sexy groove sampling the Isley Brother’s Between the Sheets. I was instantly drawn to the song, and immediately ran home to research it and then buy it from Amazon. What I love about One of Those Days is that it is a positive song about enjoying life, giving yourself the time to enjoy being you, and relishing all that you’ve been given. It’s a wonderful song of self-love– a message that is lacking in most of the music out there. It just made me feel really good. Here are four great messages that I got from this record:

 1. Enjoy the blessings of the simple things. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for waking up and being alive, clothed, and fed with a place to sleep.

 2. Listen to positive music. I have to say that most of what I hear on the radio just brings me down. It doesn’t uplift me or make me feel driven or excited. Positive messages and upbeat, rhythmic music can cure a cloudy day.

 3. Turn off the TV. Or the computer. Get up from your computer every hour and walk around and stretch. Take a walk outside. watch the world!

 4. Take care of yourself. As Whitney says, get yourself a mani-pedi, or a massage. These little treats can really uplift your day.

 Be Lavish!
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