Queen Latifah is Cover Girl perfect at a GMA Concert Performance in July.

I didn’t know whether to put rapstress Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah into the One Fab Chic category or the Legends category, so I put her in both. This empowering diva came on the scene demanding respect with Ladies First, and reminded us to respect ourselves with UNITY. Divas like Queen Latifah allowed allowed younger rappers like Lil Kim and Foxy Brown to explosively express their feminine sexuality in a public forum.

Latifah has matured gracefully, and I love it. Her experimentation with Jazz, and her movie roles have allowed a larger audience to truly experience what the formerly trouble star has to offer. And she’s stepped up her fashion to match her growth as a woman. From enlightened and Afrocentric, to femme-ganster, to confident, radiant woman, she has become a style inspiration for curvy women.

I actually just heard Latifah’s new single People on the radio yesterday, and I expected nothing less– a positive song, without cursing, and a strong message. That’s my idea of One Fab Chic.