One Day Beauty Giveaway!

During NY Fashion Week, fashion show onlookers get endless bags of sponsored treats like makeup, hair products and other designer-featured goods. But really, how much swag can one person have? For one day (ending 2 am Tuesday) Retweet @LavishChic Lavish Fashion Week Beauty Swag giveaway to win!

And while you’re at it, join us on Twitter!



VMA Fashion Style


Fashion Week Flix: Chado Ralph Rucci

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  1. My sister missed that event… Sigh… And I know how she envies you for getting those nifty treats and wishing that she was there. But thanks to my friend she gave my sis one of her sample that she got from that event. Well there's always magazines lying around the house that she can check if she want to be updated with this kinds of events.

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