NY Post: The Intelligence of a Chimp

So, this is the controversial cartoon.

It’s no secret that the NY Post has published some racially insensitive, hypocritical, and outrageous cartoons. This one is just another to to add to their long history. But the notion that this cartoon refers to Barack Obama as a monkey does not sit with me. Find out why

When I saw this cartoon, I immediately thought that this referred to the idea that the recent stimulus bill is so ridiculous that a monkey could have written it. I don’t agree with that notion, but I understand the cartoon’s message. And for any person who actually understands the details of the Stimulus bill, it is clear that Barack Obama did not WRITE the bill. (Nancy Pelosi and Representative Richard Obey pushed it through the House). And while there are many overtones in the article (the police killing, the long-standing representation of African-Americans as monkeys, etc, etc) this cartoon reads SATIRE, a term that requires a bit of education, cynicism, and wry humour. I believe many Black Americans have forgotten this.


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  1. With all of the hoopala I thought that the cartoon was about the shooting of a black man. When I saw it, it was a monkey. Oops! Somebody is misleading the protestors — especially since our popular Prez didn’t write the bill and all the authors were write. I thought of drawing another cartoon with three monkeys. The caption would read: “See no stimulus, Hear no stimulus, Speak no stimulus.” However, someone would consider that racist????

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