Diahann Carroll had some interesting words to say about her personal style.

Well, it says something that they compared me, but it’s very true. I wore only designer clothes at that time and I think that was true of Jackie. I never had a Michelle Obama desire; it was not a part of our culture to aspire to Wal-Mart. We were different people then, we were very much about luxury and glamour. I understand completely how the culture has changed to produce this incredible young woman and her husband, the President of the United States and his wife. But, that was not what the culture was when “Claudine” was being fashioned into a film.
Carroll reflecting on Jackie-O comparisons in a BET interview.

Shout out to my boy Clay Cane. He has the Divas on LOCK!

Check out Michelle Obama at a recent White House tribute to Stevie Wonder

The green color and v-cut neckline is flattering

The black belt cinches the waist and ads a trendy, chic contrast

The cut and curl of her hair ,a dn neutral makeup softens her facial features

Diamond bangles? Hardly Walmart.