Karrine Steffans: Don’t Mistake this Vixen for a fool

It has become too easy to dismiss Karrine Steffans as a whore. She has become the poster child for all that a woman shouldn’t do, the bar that young career-driven women should not dip below, all that is unholy and unsanctified. Steffans, now married, has made a fortune in telling the torrid tales of her escapades with rappers, ballers, and actors, and is hated simply for capitalizing on the very currency that ‘the boys’ have for centuries: sex. There is no doubt that Steffans revels in the name-dropping, whether she’s outing Shaquille O’Neal as her big poppa or purposely mentioning (repeatedly) her Mercedes Benz. This woman knows what she’s after, and she’s managed to grab your attention in the process.

The Vixen Manual is a turn from the sordid storytelling so many became familiar with in Confessions and Diaries. In this new “How-To” Guide, Steffans takes a refreshing departure from the dependent, fame-seeking, professional-giving video girl and transforms into an astute woman with enough knowledge to which her experiences put her in complete control.

The 50 chapter (illustrated!) guide is neatly divided into 2-3 page sections that run the gamut from figuring out if you have ‘porn pussy’, to ditching the dog, to finally settling. Each section has a handy set of “Vixen Tips” and little quips about relationships that break up the reading monotony. Not surprisingly, the longest chapter is devoted to sex, to which Karrine is unequivocally deemed an expert. Each chapter has it’s most important quotes highlighted in pink, with a recap at the end like a tidy school teacher that asks us ‘what have we learned here children?’. Many of her tips are tried and true methods that have been passed down for ages. But unlike a lot of relationship manuals, Steffans stays true to herself by sprinkling a few curse words here and there, and name dropping some of her favorite products in a way only she can.Take it from a woman who has been there and be glad that you yourself don’t have to subject yourself to the public humiliation, and can comfortably read this woman’s escapades from the privacy of your living room.

Though this book may be better suited for the 20-something set, Steffans has demonstrated that she understands the value of a woman in a relationship–no matter her age– and recognizes where she herself went terribly wrong. Now it seems as if she is determined to become an asset instead of a wanting, needing liability. And at this very moment in her life, she has.

The Vixen Manual comes out today.
Available at Amazon and Karrine.com