My Editor here at Lavish got me all interested in Karrine Steffans’ new book The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep The Man You Want. Lucky for me I was sent a copy to review, and I haven’t been able to take my nose out of it yet! I must say that I’m quite impressed to find out that this glamour girl has a simple beauty regimen. The products she uses to cleanse her face can be found on drug store shelves, and her philosphy on makeup is one I really fell in love with: Wear makeup that makes it look like your not wearing makeup. After a light application of MAC’s Select Tint SPF 15, a bit of powder, MAC Studio Fix, a little blush, and ending with “a very sparing application of mascara.” Ok. But the tip I really like is for the lips. Instead of lip gloss, she used a lip balm for a more natural appearance. Now I’m in love with my lips and lip “stuff” and I swear this little bit is some of the best beauty advice I ever heard.

Arlice Nichole