Scalp & Breakage Miracle Line by Smooth ‘N Shine: For natural ladies too!

I have been wearing my hair naturally for a few years now, and have developed a system of carefully caring for my thick mane along with my stylist. I love her because she is a one-on-one personal stylist who really understands my natural hair, and has gotten it to its strongest and healthiest in years. She’s also a master of the hot press, and leaves my hair feeling soft, silky, and lustrous whenever I decide to go that route-because perms are simply not an option for me anymore. With so much care invested in my hair, its not hard to understand why I cannot put just anything on my mane. I need the products to do their job, protect my hair from excessive heat, and not weigh my hair down. So I decided to give the Smooth ‘N Shine system a try.

I start by washing and blow drying my hair. I am 100% natural.

I then apply the Leave-In Treatment Conditioner and blow dry straight. My hair was pretty soft and fluffy, and there was hardly any breakage.

Getting my curl-on: I apply the Aid-Intense Nourishing Balm which protected my hair from the dreaded curling iron burn.

After curling, I spritz on some Root to Tip Conditioning Oil Sheen Spray for the finale. And I’m good to go! Silky and shiny–no perm or press needed!

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