The skulls that adorn the walls of GoldBar

There’s something wonderfully cheesy about the Little Italy/Nolita hotspot GoldBar that I adore. GoldBar has the extravagance of a James Bond room with the 90’s feel of a Diddy-fied music video. The interior is covered from ceiling to floor in gold leaf, and the brick walls–literally resembling gold bars– are adorned with estate-like paintings of fashionable socials circa 2007. A glance from over the bar reveals a vault-like room that houses an endless array of over-priced champagnes and liquors. Chandeliers hang throughout the gilded space, where a fashion-primed hipster set settle in for $17 cocktails and light Italian-inspired appetizers. If you visit, try the Pomegranate Gimlet, a mix of fresh lime, grenadine, and vodka.

89 Broome St. @ Mulberry St.
New York, NY
N,R,Q,W,J,M,Z,6 to Canal St. Station
-or- J,M,Z to Bowery St. Station
(212) 274-1568