Every year I get a good chuckle out of everyone who comes out to the Costume Gala to slay for the camera, and not bother to participate in the costume party. And slay they did, this year with both Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian showing off their bodies to stunning, bedazzled effect. But the clear red-carpet winner here is Rihanna, whose richly embroidered fur gown, with extravagant train and elaborate golden headdress, makes her look like a queen straight off of a Ming Dynasty scroll. Indulge.

The 2015 theme was the Chinese influence on fashion.

2 Rihanna on theme

3Zendaya on theme

I’ll give Solange credit for the fan-like effect.

5 Pretty dress, stunning body, but Beyonce gets an F for not following directions

SJP completely on theme.


 janelle-monae-met-gala-2015 stewart-lane-luo-yan-met-gala-2015


Alicia looks sweet, but not on theme. At all.

8Sorry Kerry, beautiful gown, wrong party.



So… who read the invitation to the Chinese-themed #MetGala this year?

Posted by Lavish Magazine on Monday, May 4, 2015