(Wo)Man up and Take your Beating

Hillary: “Pathetic”
Remember back in the day, you were in trouble, positioned for a spanking, and in an attempt save your biscuits from their ultimate fate you resorted to inventing any number of poor excuses to save yourself? The question is does Barack Obama possess enough experience to run the United States of America? The answer is: IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! Presidents fill their cabinets with the best intellectuals from around the country. Even if Obama, like most of our past elected presidents, is lacking in international credentials he’s intelligent enough to hire the right people.
The excuse that Barack Obama is too inexperienced to run the United States is nothing more than a poorly constructed excuse in attempt to save his opponents from their fate. Man up and take your beating!
Read USA Today’s take.Kandice


Barack Superstar


School of Janet Rocks


  1. Lexie-Va

    I agree,
    Everyone is just making excuses because it is something that has never happened before. This is a big deal for the US to have it’s first African American President-He is doing so well in the runnings. GO OBAMA!
    Yea Kandice 🙂

  2. Ya Know!
    How long was Hilary a senator and what were her accomplishments? Hilary stay on that excuse train (“Oh, congress wouldn’t let me”). Hilary, get off it!

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