outerwear, the layered look, and the denim frenzy.

I’ve never been too much of a jeans person. Not that I don’t like the look of jeans, but finding the right style is such a tragic exercise in disappointment that I rarely venture out to even try on a pair. Last night, Tracy and I went out to a Levi’s event to check out the new fall line. Not that I’d try on anything. Or so I thought.

I wholly expected to view a collection of restyled denim jeans, but what surprised at the earthy accessories, and outerwear. I even liked the look of a pair of wide-legged jeans, though I honestly didn’t see myself in them.

After sipping on some champagne, I finally mustered up the courage to grab a few trendy pairs and dashed off to the dressing room. Staring at the pile, I figured, what the hell, same story, different day.

And then I found these.

These jeans were so soft, and utterly comfortable that I had to have them. The straight-cut was what I yearned for after seasons of suffocating skinny styles. My legs looked long, lean, and graceful. I think my butt even said a hallelujah.