The star, played by a wigged Malawian actor, is surrounded by kids wearing “Adopt Me” shirts

A group of Malawian actors has turned the tables on Madonna by adopting a parody of the singers adoption woes. Mercy Madonna of Malawi, which has been performing daily in a church at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is meant to give a point of view from an African perspective following the singer’s latest adoption of Malawian orphan, Mercy, this summer. In it the actors mock the singer with lyrics sung to old Madonna hits.

British director Toby Gough comments

“The essence of drama is irreconcilable conflict,” he said. “This is a complicated case but I’ve basically tried to tell it through other people’s opinions. It’s a cheeky little festival show that’s irreverent and outrageous but also puts a few questions in telling the story from a Malawian perspective.”

His cast are all Malawian and include a traditional doctor, a journalist and a taxi driver as well as a handful of professional dancers and actors. They hammered out the dialogue, translated from Chichewa into slightly awkward English for Edinburgh, over three days of workshops and a two-month tour of rural Malawi.

The Material girl herself was none too thrilled. While watching a private performance she heckled

Keep working boy, money is the answer to everything.

Ouch. Not exactly good PR for a woman who was able to circumvent the adoptive legal process in the African nation. My verdict is out.