Cassie rocks out in a graphic tee at her DIMEPIECE photoshoot

The graphic tee has been around for ages. It’s rock & roll roots can probably be traced back to the 60’s where the Woodstock and civil rights era lead to a nation of people that demanded to be heard, and made their statement with a radical style shift. New York magazine writer Hugo Lindgren even went so far as to say that James Dean lead the t-shirt revolution by daring to wear the undershirt as an outer-shirt.

A look from the Fall 2009 Dolce & Gabbana show

From haute couture to health care, everyone has something to say nowadays. And it’s no wonder that people are once again feeling the boldness of the t-shirt statement that will be a big part of the fall wardrobe. The change this time? A glammed-up version that’s bold on icons and low on type. Here are some hot and bold t-shirt picks:

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