Every day, I get a little fashion nugget in my inbox courtesy the women at WhoWhatWear.com. As former fashion editors at Elle Magazine, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr have the inside scoop on the latest celebrity fashion, looks to covet, and boutiques to browse. Wanna know what Rihanna was wearing at lunch? Or what Kerry Washington wore on the red carpet? Or how about tips on styling your everyday wardrobe? These trend experienced trendsetters will let you know, pronto! What gives them the edge is the insider knowledge and access that these two women have gained to the inner-workings of the fashion world.

Doubters, listen up: Who What Wear includes everything from original style advice from celebrity trendsetters such as Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, Erin Wasson and Rachel Zoe to helpful chapters like “What To Wear Where,” which explains just that. There are pragmatic chapters like “Runway to Real Way,” in which we detail the step-by-step process we use to translate high fashion looks into wearable outfits (it’s always good to refresh this knowledge, especially this time of year), and fantasy chapters like “Style by Inspiration.” We even included a little high-theory for you and wrote a whole mini treatise on the way trends cycle through the celebrity and fashion worlds!

Fashionistas, take heed!

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