First off, I must say that I love Marsha Ambrosius as an artist, and will remain a devoted fan as long as she continues to put out real music. Her new song, Late Nights & Early Mornings, is my new favorite song.

Secondly, Marsha looks HELLA FLY in this video. I mean, I love every look in this piece, which I will dissect in another post.

Most importantly, I really appreciate how the Marsha and the director took what could be a typical video for a love making song to address safe sex, and the situations that occur in everyday relationships. I felt really sad watching this video
(regardless of the great music and the hot fashion–because the message was so basic and so common, yet so sad. It’s sad because in 2011, men and women in non-monogamous relationships are still engaging in casual, unprotected sex. I hope this video will help to open up the dialogue once again.

Here’s the vid:

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