Lavish Music Pick: Sandcastle Disco

My first thought upon being recommended that I check out this song was:

a) not another sibling-of-a-superstar stab at music
b) Out of all the song titles out there… Sandcastle Disco?

Nevertheless, I shut down my cynicism and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to listen to a few notes. And so I did… only to find that Solange Knowles (yes, sister of Beyonce) has made one of the best songs of the year. No, I’m not pulling your leg because, yes, I’m serious. With its trippy beat and ol’ school innocence, Sandcastle Disco works perfectly as the end-of-summer song that washes over you like a cool breeze.

Wow Tracy, I actually have to disagree with you on this one. I’m not feeling Solange AT ALL. I hate how she tries so hard to be “different”. It must be hard living in the shadow, but fun reaping the benefits of it! I especially hate how she sings about Effing the Industry–when her family IS the industry! IF it wasn’t for the industry, she wouldn’t be able to cart her teenage self and her baby on shopping trips in Italy. I give her an ecstatic “CHILD, SIT DOWN.”


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  1. I am loving her album… very pleasant surprise

  2. Hey, Tatiana… Solange’s extreme “Jan Brady” tendencies aside, you have to admit that the song is a catchy l’il tune…

    (It’s growing on you… admit it…)

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