Erykah Badu is that crazy girlfriend that out-crazies you and you love her for making you laugh, cry, vent, and it keep it all the way real. Because she is just true. So how geeked was I to hear her new mixtape But you Caint Hear My Phone?

I’ve missed Ms Erykah. Sure, she’s put out a few solo gems here and there, but I haven’t heard a solid album from her since Mama’s Gun. And I own all her albums, so I would know. Phone, with its obvious Drake shoutouts, consistent phone theme, and a surprising duet with ex, Andre 3000 gives me that trip, psychedelic, neo-soul drip that I’ve missed from her. Nothing too far out like New Amerykah, but just high enough in the clouds to stay within the hemisphere, so we can all come back down and process that shit. I’m all here for it.

My faves:
U Use to Call Me
What’s Yo Phone Number
and Hello

But You Caint Use My Phone is on iTunes.

And did you catch the Soul Train Music Awards? She did her thing as the host. Loved the Soul Cipher.