In the world of hip-hop, fashion is a language,” says Jenkins, 43. “But I also wanted people to understand the climate and the environment that created hip-hop.
-Sacha Jenkins , director of Fresh Dressed


Fashion has long been a staple in Hip Hop, as far as I can remember. I often reminisce about the cool kids tagging their sneakers and stopping at the airbrush spot in the Colosseum in Jamaica Queens, personalizing their jackets and leather high tops to perfection. I remember how those same street kids inspired the likes of the big fashion houses like Tommy Hilfiger, who turns those styles into multi-million dollar profits, to which little credit was given for the true innovators. Fresh Dressed is a must-see for those interested in the fashionably-inclined leaders of hip hop – you!

Don’t have a local indie theater playing it? You can catch the documentary on freshdressedmovie.com

Fresh Dressed from Fresh Dressed Movie on Vimeo.