Etta James 1/25/38- 1/20/12

Happy Birthday Ms. James. While most of us will remember Etta James as the epitome of soulful jazz, whose distinctive sound could never be duplicated, I also remember her
as a voluptuous, stylish sister. Etta had sass, but also showed an inconspicuous class when appropriate. Younger would-be divas could learn a thing or two.

(Top) Who says sequins are only for weekends? Add an oversized neutral sweater to tone down the look. 

Nothing says sex appeal like a form fitting little black dress.

Update a funky paisley shirt with a pair of fitted, dark denim jeans 

Etro Paisly Shirt, $470

A vintage inspired pair of earrings gives character to an otherwise ordinary outfit. 
A great shade of red lipstick is always in style.

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