Lavish Body Inspiration: A tone, fit back, achieved with planks.
First, there was Yoga to the People, a donation-based class on St Marks Place in NYC offering round-the clock-yoga classes for students, hipsters, fashion elites and yoga-junkies alike. Now there’s The People’s Bootcamp, a bare bones, gritty, pay-as-you wish drop in class that aims to get you fit through pure, hard work, without killing your wallet. The classes “sell out” fast so you have to keep checking the website for availability.
I am personally on my own fitness journey back to my hard-body dancer days, and I’ve hired a personal trainer to help see me through. But you’d better believe that I’ve got my eyes on this workout collective, and will join as soon as there is an opening. I mean, pay what you wish? It doesn’t get much better than that!
To sign up, email